What is Piles?

Piles also called as hemorrhoids are swollen parts of the anus that occurs due to various reasons. The anus is part of the large intestine which is about 4 cm long. There is a small network of veins within the lining of the anal canal. These veins sometimes become bigger and enlarged with more blood than usual. The engorged veins and the superimposing tissue may then form into one or more small growth called piles.


What are the different types of piles?

Internal piles are those that develop above a point and inside the back passage (anus) in the upper part of the anal canal. Inner piles are usually unproblematic because the superior anal canal has no pain nerve fibers. External piles are those that form underneath that point, in the inferior part of the anal canal. External piles may be painful because the lower part of the anal canal has lots of pain nerve fibers. Some people develop internal and external piles at the same time.

Internal piles can be categorized into grades 1 to 4 rendering to their seriousness and size:

Grade 1 are tiny swellings on the interior lining of the anal canal. They cannot be seen or felt externally from the anus. Grade 1 piles are common and in some people they expand further to grade 2 or more.

Grade 2 are larger. They may be partially pressed out from the anus when you go to the toilet, but speedily coil back again internally

Grade 3 mass dangles out from the anus when you go to the toilet. You may sense one or more as minor, soft swellings that suspend from the anus. However, you can thrust them back inside the anus with a finger.

Grade 4 perpetually hang down from inside the anus, and you cannot push them back inside. They sometimes become quite big.


Causes of piles:

The blood vessels round the anus and in the rectum will expand under force and may swell. Inflamed veins (hemorrhoids) can develop when pressure increases in the lower rectum. This may be due to:

  • Chronic diarrhea
  • Pregnancy
  • Straining when passing a stool
  • Chronic diarrhea
  • Lifting heavy weights

The tendency to develop hemorrhoids may also be inherited. The risk of developing piles grows with age.


Risk factors of Piles

  • Poor Hydration

Dehydrated or drinking less than eight glasses of water per day can contribute to constipation and, therefore, the development of hemorrhoids.

  • Low-Fiber Diet

Dietary fiber is essential to digestive health, and many people simply don't get enough. Low-fiber diets (with less than 25 to 30 grams of fiber per day) can significantly increase your risk of constipation. Diets rich in the cheese, chips, fast food, processed foods, frozen foods and red meat can significantly increase your risk of constipation:

  • Lack of Regular Activity

Physical inactivity and the absence of regular exercise can cause a general loss of muscle tone (including the anorectal muscles) while affecting gastrointestinal motility (often resulting in alternating bouts of diarrhea and constipation).


Our Panel Of Piles Experts:

Dr. Arundhati Srinivasan

Dr. Arundhati Srinivasan is a Consulting Homoeopath. Been practicing for 5 years, she's the third generation doctor in her family.
Her mother is a successful homeopath with an experience of 30 years and Dr. Arundhati has trained and been polishing her skills under her guidance. She started attending her mother's practice seriously as soon as she entered the medical college. 
Herself being a staunch believer in homeopathy, she has been raised since birth purely on homeopathy and seen it work wonders on acute issues during childhood.
She studied in Bombay at CMP College which is Asia's best and has the best faculty in the country.
She's gained hospital experience for 2 years working in the wards and worked under an orthopedic surgeon for 2 years.



Dr. Kausar Ansari

Dr. Kausar Ansari is a well-known Homeopath doctor practicing in Kalina, Mumbai. She has gained expertise in solving multiple types of cases until now such as

Skin Related: Psoriasis, Warts, Urticaria, Eczema. 

Female complaints: Leucorrhoea, DUB, Fibroids, Infertility, PCOD. 

Others: Piles, Thyroid crisis, Sinusitis, Allergic rhinitis, SLE (Systemic Lupis Erythrematosis), Hemorrhoids.


Dr. Shilpa Pandey

Dr. Shilpa Pandey is a post graduate in Homoeopathic Practice of Medicine from Maharashtra University of Health Science, Nashik in Year 2013. With more than 6 years of experience, learning, and research, she has developed most effective diagnosis and treatment to various ailments and chronic diseases.

She got trained under Dr.Padam Patni (Chest & TB Specialist) for 2 years and with her rich experience, she has solved several cases related to Respiratory disorders. 

Her expertise lies in detailed patient assessment which helps her to pinpoint the exact cause of illness. Over past 6 years, she has solved several chronic and acute cases which includes Obesity, Eczema, Dermatitis, Hairfall, Allergic Rhinitis, Migraine, Piles, Sleeps disorders, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Asthma, Sarcoidosis, COPD, Nasal Polyp, Psychiatric illness and many more.


Dr. Nritiya Dave

Dr.Nritiya Dave completed her B.H.M.S (Bachelor in Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery) in the year 2007 (Reg No: A2216) and has been practicing successfully since then. 

Since 2007 Dr. Nritiya has treated many people with Homeopathic medicines alone for varieties of complaints ranging from cold, allergies, acute infections, skin troubles etc to more complicated chronic cases such as Rheumatoid arthritis, renal failures,Piles, cancers and many more, providing homeopathic management and treatment tailored to suit the needs of every case. Her Homeopathic treatment modality follows the laws of core tenets of Homeopathy that serve to treat all cases from its very root very gently yet swiftly with precision.


Dr. Tanima Lahiri

Dr. Tanima is BHMS Specialized in Homoeopathic Medicines, classical Homoeopathic Practitioner and believes in the holistic approach of treatment. She has vast 22 years of rich experience with strong command in specific ailments and has gained expertise in Psychiatry, Infertility, Anxiety, PCOD, Piles, Children Illness.

She is practicing homeopathy in Kolkata. She is passionate and devoted to homeopathy. She had successfully treated a variety of cases, an especially chronic illness where allopathy has limited results. She always emphasizes treating a patient in a holistic way and strongly believes that all types of specialized diseases, can be cured permanently by homeopathy.



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Additional Information


How does Homeopathy help in Piles?

This is one of the so-called surgical diseases where homeopathy can successfully reduce the use of scissors and scalpels to give relief and many patients worldwide are enjoying the benefits of homeopathy and can avoid the operation theatre lifelong. Homeopathy treats an individual patient as a complete entity than just focusing on the problem. Since Piles is a lifestyle disease, homeopathy practitioners understand the person’s lifestyle and provide solutions for the same. Homeopathy helps in understanding the psychological state of the person undergoing the treatment. In many patients, the progress of the disease is stopped by proper homeopathic treatment, and they live rest of their lives with piles but little or no suffering, many other patients are fortunate enough to get complete recovery. The possibility of success depends mostly on the stage of the disease, medication compliance and changes to their lifestyle.


Tips and remedies for Piles:

  • Ice pack/cold compress:

Ice is the most effective treatment for inflammation and swelling. Placing an ice pack in the affected region can give the temporary relief.

  • Eat more fiber-rich foods:

Diet plays a very significant role in preventing the incidence of piles as well as reducing hemorrhoid pain. A diet rich in complex carbohydrates and fiber is highly suggested for getting relief from piles. Fiber helps to relieve constipation and evade strain, which both are major risk factors for increasing hemorrhoids. Oatmeal, barley, whole-grain cereals, beans, leafy vegetables like spinach and citrus fruits like oranges are a few fiber-rich sources that can be included.

  • Consider fiber supplements:

If your diet does not provide you with enough fiber, it is essential to take fiber supplements for bringing about greater relief in constipation eventually reducing Piles.

  • Eat flavonoid-rich foods:

Flavonoid-rich foods like blackberries, blueberries, cherries and citrus fruits increase the strength in the vein structures, thereby improving circulation around the anus. A meta-analysis has shown that flavonoids help to reduce persistent symptoms of piles by about 58 percent with a fair reduction in the risk of bleeding, persistent pain, itching and recurrence.


  • Apply petroleum jelly:

People suffering from hemorrhoids/piles often spend time straining during their bowel movement. A lubricating agent like petroleum jelly can help you to avoid straining if you use it just before passing a bowel movement.

  • Increase water intake:

Apart from fiber that helps in moving the digested food smoothly through the intestine, water helps to determine the consistency of your stools. When you drink less water, your intestinal walls absorb water from your stools to make them hard. And, hard stools cause constipation and straining which leads to piles. Hence, you should drink a lot of water so as to maintain stool consistency and preventing constipation and dehydration.

  • Avoid regular use of laxative medications:

Laxative medications are generally used for treating constipation. They are drugs that either stimulate bowel movements and/or soften the stool. However, using them regularly can badly affect your bowel movement pattern and further worsen constipation. Instead include foods like bananas (especially boiled ones), figs, prunes, dried fruits which act as natural laxatives.

  • Extra care while pregnancy:

Pregnant women should be extra care while using any natural remedy for treating piles. Consult your doctor before taking any laxative medication or cream. Eat healthy, avoid spicy foods and do mild exercise regularly. Do not sit or stand for a long period of time.


What is a Piles Health package?

  • A Piles health package will consist of an online consultation with the Homeopathic doctors who are specialized in treating Gastrointestinal ailments and all you need is a desktop/laptop with an integrated camera and internet connection to avail this facility


  • The package will allow you multiple consultations during the entire course of the treatment. The 1st Consultation will be the most important one, where your complete medical history will be taken and a line of treatment will be designed based on that. Hereon, the consultations can be taken every month or on mutual consent with the Doctor on an appointment basis. The course of the treatment can last anywhere from 6 months to 1 year depending on the chronicity of the disease & extent.


  • After the first consultation, a medical kit will be provided to the patient that will comprise of medicines for the most common symptoms associated with Piles. These medicines will have to be taken on the prescription of the Doctor and will cover through the entire course of the treatment.


  • The Doctor will provide a certain diet and weight management plan that is tailored according to the patient needs. This diet plan along with the medicines can help in faster recovery.


Why Choose Us?

MyDocZone has devised a Piles Health Package that offers the best Homeopathic consultation at the click of a button. With this package, we focus on providing the finest Homeopathic facility in terms of affordability and availability. The package covers treatment to completely eradicate Hemorrhoids and helps in the overall wellbeing of the person.



  • What is a Health Package?

The package is a onetime payment mode for any given treatment or services that are provided which include consultation, medicines, dietary advice, regular follow-ups. This onetime payment mode enables a series of consultations that take place within 15-30 days or as required.


  • Why should I buy a Package and not just a single consultation?

The package is more cost effective and in cases that require continued treatment, it ensures follow-ups without having to pay each time and make consultations hassle free and easy. Also, packages are extremely useful in the case of health kits.


  • Is there a validity of the package?

Yes, 1 year.


  • Can the package validity be extended if I’ve not exhausted all my consultations within the Mentioned validity period?

    Yes, max by one month.



    Will I also get medicines if I purchase this package?

Yes, medicines are inclusive in the package, courier charges included.


  • Is this package pricing inclusive of all taxes and charges?

Yes it is inclusive of all taxes, consultation fees and medicines and follow up fees for the mentioned period of the package


  • I am not sure whether an online consultation/treatment package will be effective. Is it really effective?

Yes, it is completely as effective as an in-person consultation.


  • Can the timings of consultation (audio/video) be rescheduled on request?

Yes, it can be rescheduled


  • How can I know about the number of consultations I have used and the number of consultations that remain?

Your doctor/portal will give you the pre-decided no of consultation that you have to undergo which may either be once in 15 days or once a month subject to the case


  • What if I want to discontinue this package in between after purchasing? Will my money be refunded?

It may not be advisable to discontinue any treatment midway, you may, however, discontinue the package in between the consultation if there is a genuine reason to do so. Money refund will not be applicable in such cases unless any such offers have been declared by the doctor or the portal.


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