Treat Obesity with Homeopathy

Obesity and its causes:

Our body weight works on a simple principal of caloric intake and energy expenditure. If you eat more calories, than you would burn, then the body stores this excess food as fat. If an individual eats less calories than what they burn, then it is imperative that the person will lose fat thus decreasing their weight. Obesity affects people whose metabolism is slow or who burn few calories and consume more than required. Overweight people are termed as obese whose BMI is more than 27. There are many causes that lead to obesity that include overeating, genetics, lethargic lifestyle and inadequate diet. Many grave risk factors are associated with obesity that can prove fatal to human life.

Common causes of Obesity:

  • Genetics:  An individual has more chances to develop obesity if one of the parents or even both are obese. Heredity factors also affect the genes that regulate fat metabolism. For example, leptin is a hormone produced in the fat cells and as well as in the placenta. Leptin functions as a signaling hormone to the brain and helps control weight by motioning the brain to eat in limited amounts when the body stores extra food into fat. But, due to genetic variations or mutations, the hormone loses its ability to signal to the brain, the control is lost and obesity takes place.
  • Overeating: Over consumption of food leads to increase in weight, if the food is rich in calories. Foods that are high in saturated fat and sugar are low energy density food. They provide no nutrients or proteins whatsoever, but are high in calories and bad fats. Studies have shown that foods high in fat contribute to significant weight gain ultimately leading to obesity.
  • Foods high on carbohydrates: Carbohydrates increase the blood sugar level that directs the release of insulin in the body, which many scientist believe causes weight gain. Simple carbohydrates like fructose, sugar, beer, soft drinks etc. aid increase in weight because they are more quickly absorbed into the bloodstream than complex carbohydrates and this causes more insulin release.
  • Lethargic lifestyle:People with sedentary lifestyle people burn lesser calories than people who are more are active. Studies haveshown that physical inactivity strongly corresponds to weight gain both in males and females.
  • Medications leading to weight gain : Certain medications used in chronic illnesses leads to weight gain. Medications associated with increase in weight include anti antidepressants, some medicines for diabetes, certain hormone injections and oral contraceptives. A simple drug that can avert your allergy can also cause an increase in weight. Different medications affect people in a variety of manner and one should take up with their physician and discuss the possibility of weight gain as a side effect before taking the medication.
  • Psychological factors: Emotional disturbances, anger, stress can lead to mood fluctuations in people. People in such a mood tend to eat and not keep a watch on their weight. Many people eat excessively in response to emotions such as boredom, sadness, stress, or anger.  Although obese people reported to have more emotional issues than non-obese people, more than 30% who seek help for obesity have had issues with binge eating.
  • Certain illnesses: Diseases such as hypothyroidism, insulin resistance, polycystic ovary syndrome also cause obesity. Certain illness where the person has either fractured his leg and immobility can also lead to weight gain.
  • Social causes: Studies have shown a link between the rich and obesity. It has been proven that people with more money tend to be able to purchase more food and consume food in rich calories.

Risk factors associated with Obesity:

  • High blood pressure.
  • Diabetes.
  • Heart disease and stroke
  • Cancer.
  • Gallbladder disease and gallstones.
  • Osteoarthritis.
  • Gout.

Tips and remedies for fighting Obesity:

Obesity can trigger several health problems such as stroke, heart attack and blockage. The following tips and remedies will help you keep your weight in check and help you live a healthy lifestyle.              

  • The calorie game plan:

It is important to understand how many calories you are consuming and how many are getting burned. It is this balance that will help you lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Calculating your BMI will give you a better understanding whether your weight is normal for your height or the proximity to being Obese.

  • Change Your Eating Habits:

If you find that you’re obese, you should alter your eating habits by adhering to a weight loss planned carefully chalked out by an expert nutritionist. Eating more lean meats, green leafy vegetables, small portions, and foods low on sugar, salt and fat etc. will help lower your weight instantaneously.

  • Eat small meals 5 times a day:

Eating small meals ensures that you are giving your body nutrients and vital supply ever 3-4 hours in a day. This will not only regulate your metabolism but also keep you active through the day without letting you starve.

  • Exercise Regularly

If you are obese, you may feel lazy and heavy to exercise. However, a sedentary lifestyle is contrary to the weight loss and you must start out by sitting and lying exercises, eventually working up to standing and moving exercises. This will help burn extra calories and speed your weight loss.

  • Quit Eating Processed Foods

Processed foods are filled with fat, salt, and sugars and preservatives. Prepackaged foods are easy to prepare, but are full of unhealthy ingredients should not be consumed for weight loss.

  • Stick to Natural Ingredients

Fresh fruits and vegetables are satiating and absolutely low in synthetic sugar and fats. Local farmer’s markets are full of great buys like apples, grapes, fresh leafy vegetable that will further help you in losing weight. And walking around the market picking up fresh fruits is another way of getting some exercise for the body!

  • Get Some of the Stress Out of Your Life

Studies indicate that stress in your life makes some people eat excessively. Yoga and meditation help a great deal for someone trying to lose weight.

Homeopathy for obesity:

Obesity is a lifestyle disorder that requires timely treatment and a holistic approach. Homeopathy has been utilized to treat obesity since many years and now scientific studies also reveal their vitality in increasing the speed of metabolic rate and burning calories faster. A homeopathic treatment provides an overall approach to a better health care that includes intake of better nutrition, adequate exercise along with medicines.

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