What is Epilepsy?

It is a chronic disorder of the brain dating back to 4000BC which causes recurrent seizures lasting for brief episodes along with unconsciousness and loss in control of bladder function.
Seizures occur due to the electrical discharge in brain cells, any part of the brain can be the site for the discharge. A seizure can vary one can be very brief while the other can be a prolonged convulsion, the frequency can be one in a year to many in a day.


Symptoms of Epilepsy

Unconsciousness, disturbances in movement, sensations, mood swings. There tend to be more physical problems such as bruising, fractures due to seizures and loss of sensation. With these comes the psychological conditions like anxiety and depression. People with Epilepsy are at a higher risk of premature death.

Causes of Epilepsy

Epilepsy is not communicable. The most common type of epilepsy affects 6 out of 10 people, there is no certain cause of it. The second type of epilepsy is caused by brain injuries in prenatal stages, genetic condition, abnormalities, head injury, stroke restricting amount of oxygen to the brain, infection in the brain, tumor in the brain.



Diagnosis is possible at health care institutes. Surgery is also a plausible option for those who respond poorly to medication. Epilepsy can be prevented, the medication is to be taken on a daily basis. In developing countries, there is a treatment gap due to low availability. 

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