Treat Acne with Homeopathy:

We all have sometime or the other in our lives experienced nasty outbreaks on our face that are difficult to hide. Small red bumps, dry and flaky or sometimes filled with fluid, these are nothing but common acne medically known as Acne Vulgaris. Acne is a skin condition that deals with the oil glands at the root of the hair follicles. Largely occurring during puberty, due to the hormonal imbalance, these glands are linked with the hair follicles deep under the skin. Sebum, an oily substance produces by these oil glands carry the dead cells through the follicles to the upper surface of the skin. Tin y hair sprouts through these follicles which are designed like canals for the upward growth of hair. Due to hormonal imbalance in the body, these follicles get trapped just below the surface, wherein oil gets accumulated under the skin. Normally referred to as pimples, this condition causes red bumps on the surface of the skin and is a very common problem in young teenagers. In some cases, acne/pimple can get worse before the menstrual cycle.

Facts that aggravate or worsen acne:

  • Production if excess oil
  • Dead skin cells
  • Blocked pores
  • Bacteria

Causes and triggers of acne:

These breakouts typically appear on face, neck, back and shoulders. There are few other causes of pored getting clogged and causing breakouts. Let us look at some of the causes and triggers of acne.

  • Hormones: Hormonal changes in young boys and girls during puberty cause the sebaceous glands to expand and produce more sebum. Hormonal alterations due to pregnancy and oral contraceptives can also effect the sebum production.
  • Certain medications: Drugs containing corticosteroids can worsen acne.
  • Diet: Studies indicate that certain dietary factors, including dairy products and carbohydrate-rich foods such as bread and chips— may trigger acne. It has been revealed that chocolates make acne worse.
  • Stress:  Stress can make acne worse

Tips and remedies for acne:

The moment we spot an outbreak on our face, we try and doing everything to hide it or conceal it from people, because it tarnishes the way we look. Getting rid of acne or pimple, isn’t an easy job but we can prevent it from worsening further. Here are some tips that you can follow to keep you skin pimple or acne free.

  • Wash your face often:

Cleansing you skin periodically is very essential to get rid of the dirt and grime from the skin. Everyone should involve in a skin care routine that should be done once in the morning and once in the evening.It helps removing the dirt, oil and dead skin from the surface of the skin.Try using a mild cleanser and wash it off with lukewarm water.

  • Keep your hair dirt free:

Not just skin, but special attention needs to be given to the hair to keep acne away. Leaving oil on hair overnight can cause pimples as hair touches the face will make it oilier. Washing you hair regularly and not letting them fall on skin will keep them acne free. Going easy on hair care products like too much shampoo, hair gels can clog you skin pores leading to acne

  • Hands away from you face:

Seeing anasty pimple makes us want to pop it instantaneously to get rid of it. But touching and popping pimples can only heighten the acne problem. Don’t let your hands touch your face very often. It can spread bacteria, cause contaminations or further more pimples which you certainly don’t want.

  • Go the healthy way:

Having a natural look on the face is much better than lapping it up by tons of makeup. It is therefore important to go light on make-up especially if you have an oil skin or a T junction. Make causes the pores to clog and thereby forming small pustules on the surface of the skin.

  • Ice therapy:

Ice soothes the skin, especially the affected area which can help make you skin acne-free. Applying ice on the skin will remove the oil and dirt trapped inside and reduces the redness and swelling. To get rid of an eruption, put an ice cube in a cloth and gently press it against the affected skin. Or one can also make it a routine to apply crushed ice or ice cubes to the skin in order to avoid pimples.

  • Lemons to the rescue:

Like honey, lemons are also believed to be a quite effective natural treatment for getting rid of pimples. Lemons can help avoiding pimples in more than one way. Lemon juice reduces the oil, kills bacteria, reduces redness and also removes the pimple scars. To use it over your pimples squeeze some fresh lime juice over a cotton swab or a cotton ball and apply it over your face. It can give quick results.

  • Take it easy on stress:

When our body generates the stress hormone, it leads to causing pimples in two ways.

  • The follicle lining thickens due to the hormone causing breakouts and if infection occurs, pimple is formed.
  • Our body guides blood and oxygen to more important areas, leaving skin dehydrated and prone to inflammations and breakouts. Hence in order to avoid pimples one also needs to reduce their stress levels. You may try yoga or meditation to stay stress-free and pimple-free.

Homeopathic treatment for acne:

Homeopathy is one of the best in line treatment for acute to chronic acne problem. It makes use of natural medicines in micro doses that encourage the body’s own immune system to get rid of these skin conditions. Homeopathy also to a large extent makes use of internal medicines to achieve a hormonal balance resulting in acne free skin. No two people have the skin type, hence homeopathic medicines are to be given after taking an in-depth clinical history. Seeking advice from a professional homeopath is the most appropriate method to treat this condition.

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