What is PCOD

PCOD is one of the most common hormonal conditions that affect women which is normally accompanied by irregular periods, acne and unwanted hair. It also increases the chances of other health problems like diabetes and high blood pressure. PCOS or PCOD are more or less the same ailments where the women may or may not have small cysts growing on their ovaries, but is largely caused by hormonal imbalance.  PCOD is caused largely by hormonal imbalance and a sedentary lifestyle. Sometimes these conditions are also caused by hereditary.


PCOD causes several symptoms like weight gain, acne or oily skin, sleep apnea and fatigue, headaches, trouble getting pregnant and irregular periods.


Usually, there is no single test that helps in the diagnosis of PCOD but a combination of blood tests and physical examination along with a detailed history of the patient are required.


Dr. Sheetal Katyare

Dr. Sheetal is MD in Homoeopathic Materia Medica, classical Homoeopathic Practitioner and beleives in holistic approach of treatment. She has 8 years of rich experience with strong command in studying mentals of patients.

Doctor Says - "PCOD is a curable ailment. We should not delay it's treatment since it can be risky and give rise to other problems."



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PCOD will be cured with the help of Homeopathy

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Expected Duration of Treatment : 5-6 months

Expected No of Consultations : Min 2 consultations per month



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Additional Information


How does Homeopathy help in PCOD?

The Holistic way of treatment is the best approach for treating any ailments in Homeopathy. Homeopathic doctors work on a genetic level and stimulate the patient’s immune system. To reach the root of the problems, Homeopathic doctors try and understand the wiring of conscious and unconscious mind along with emotional and physical symptoms. The treatment is wholesome and includes physical, mental, emotional, habits, diet, desires, dreams, and fears along with environmental conditions around the patient. It is well established now that person alone can never produce disease, it is the environment which offers soil for it. So when there is unfavorable environment it may lead to disease. In Homoeopathy we consider the individual along with his/her environment and its impact on the patient and how he/she perceived and reacted to the situation. We as doctors note and analyze each and every aspect of life in detail of individual in keeping mind the patient’s nature, will, understanding and emotions.

With this package, we try and alleviate symptoms that affect the patients physically and mentally due to the symptoms. Conditions like Headache, irregular menstruation, weight gain, excessive hair growth, heavy and scanty bleeding are at the prime in PCOD patients. Our approach helps in easing out these symptoms and making the patient healthier and less stressed. Homeopathy also deals with the mental agony that a PCOD patient goes through. Different patients may respond differently, hence the recovery time will be variable in individuals


What is a PCOD Health package?

  • A PCOD health package will consist of an online consultation with the Homeopathic doctors who are specialized in treating these kinds of ailments and all you need is a desktop/laptop with an integrated camera and internet connection to avail this facility


  • The package will allow you multiple consultations during the entire course of the treatment. The 1st Consultation will be the most important one, where your complete medical history will be taken and a line of treatment will be designed based on that. Hereon, the consultations can be taken every month or on mutual consent with the Doctor on the appointment basis. The course of the treatment can last anywhere from 5- 6 months or depending on the patient’s response.


  • After the first consultation, a medical kit will be provided to the patient that will comprise of medicines for the most common symptoms associated with PCOD. These medicines will have to be taken on the prescription of the Doctor and will cover through the entire course of the treatment.


  • The consultation will also require certain investigations like FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) / LSH (luteinizing hormone) / prolactin serum / Thyroid / Ultrasonography (abdomen & pelvis). These Investigations may or may not be included in the health package cost but can be availed at an extra cost through the Mydoczone website.


  • The Doctor will provide a certain diet and weight management plan that is tailored according to the patient needs. This diet plan along with the medicines can help in faster recovery.


Why Choose Us?

MyDocZone has devised a PCOD Health Package that offers the best Homeopathic consultation at the click of a button. With this package, we focus on providing the finest Homeopathic facility in terms of affordability and availability. The package covers treatment to alleviate the symptoms of PCOD and helps in the overall wellbeing of the person. It helps in correcting the hormonal imbalance and regularizes the menstruation cycle.





  • What is a Health Package?

The package is a onetime payment mode for any given treatment or services that are provided which include consultation, medicines, dietary advice, regular follow-ups. This onetime payment mode enables a series of consultations that take place within 15-30 days or as required.


  • Why should I buy a Package and not just a single consultation?

The package is more cost effective and in cases that require continued treatment, it ensures follow-ups without having to pay each time and make consultations hassle free and easy. Also, packages are extremely useful in the case of health kits.


  • Is there a validity of the package?

 No. There is No pre-defined Validity Period Of this package


  • Will I also get medicines if I purchase this package?

Yes, medicines are inclusive in the package, courier charges included.


  • Is this package pricing inclusive of all taxes and charges?

It includes consultation fees, medicines and follows up fees for the duration of treatment. Taxes are not included in the pricing.


  • I am not sure whether an online consultation/treatment package will be effective. Is it really effective?

Yes, it is completely as effective as an in-person consultation.


  • Can the timings of consultation (audio/video) be rescheduled on request?

Yes, it can be rescheduled


  • How can I know about the number of consultations I have used and the number of consultations that remain?

Your doctor/portal will give you the pre-decided no of consultation that you have to undergo which may either be once in 15 days or once a month subject to the case


  • What if I want to discontinue this package in between after purchasing? Will my money be refunded?

It may not be advisable to discontinue any treatment midway, you may, however, discontinue the package in between the consultation if there is a genuine reason to do so. 


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