Swelling on the face on straight neck side. So what medication should be preferd for my brother. and he is 14yr old. he feels less confident and embarassing to go out. we had consulted with our family doctor. Dr gave medicine wich gave temperory result. but after some days again same issue occured, is there any remedy in homeopathy which can cure this completely?

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Dear Arun,

         You haven't mentioned about the type of swelling. Usually there is overall swelling on the face or a localised one. I didn't get you when you say straight neck side. kindly elaborate about the swelling. There are many reasons for swelling over the face commonest of all is skin allergies or allergic reactions to certain food,metals, pollen grains. Also sinus infections, tooth abscess, tonsillitis, cellulitis, thyroid dysfunctions, mumps should be ruled out. bigger diseases may include kidney dysfunctions. there is sometimes presence of other symptoms like fever, itching, tenderness, rashes or urinary symptoms along with the main complaint. To rule out the diagnosis detailed case taking is must as different people presents different symptoms for the same diagnosis. homoepathy thus is the unique system of medicine. It prescribes on the basis of the person as a whole and not just the complaint.



Dr. Visika Novice Answered on 06/04/2018 7:39 PM
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Ur description of the afftected are is not complete. U must mention proper symptoms of ur brother to help us proper diagnosis and giving medicine.

Size of the swelling, duration of it,pain is  there or it is painless,of pain persist then what conditions increase or decrease the pain,is there any other infection there or not.

Some time swelling occur due infection of throat, tonsils, ear,mouth,gum etc.These infections spread and causes swelling of the total are.

Homoeopathy has a good results in such conditions. Some physical examination needed but if u describe symptoms properly and send images then it can be done..

Give him-

1.Merc sol- 200 2 drops twice daily for 3 days.

2.Mag phos 200x- 4tab thrice daily for 7 days.

Feel free to contact me if needed.

Avoid too much cold or too mich heat both internally and externally.

Dr. Abhisek Novice Answered on 03/05/2018 12:57 PM
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