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Hi Vishal,stomach pain  is caused by  irritable bowel symptoms,bloating,gas,cramping,diarrhoea,constipation,anxiety,GERD(fast to esophageal reflux disease),pancreatitis etc.Homeo med like arsenic album,bryonia alba,aconite,carcinosin,lycopodium,belladonna,chammomilla helps cure stomach ache soon.Arsenic removes stomach pain caused by vomiting,diarrhoea,anxiety,restlessness, weakness.Bryonia helps in sharp ,stitching pain worse on moving.Aconite helps in fright,fear,anxiety,restlessness. Carcinocin helps in removing pain.Lycopodium helps in bloating,rumbling sounds.Chamomilla removes bad Cramp's.Book appointment with Mdz.eat on time at regular intervals each day.take healthy digestive diet.don't eat heavy ,spicy,chilly food,salad,taak.take adequate sleep and hyadrate body sufficiently well.Avoid outside food in winter,rainy season frequently

Dr. Sonali Novice Answered on 22/12/2016 6:02 PM
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My Answer to your query is:

1.You had not mentioned details of your case such as since when you are suffering from stomach pain problem,what type of pain you are feeling like burning,pulling,catching etc,at what time you feel pain more or after doing what you feel more pain and which things relives it,is there any other disease or symptom assoisaied with your stomach pain also like vomiting,feeling of nauses sensation,DM,HTN ?.

2.All question which i had asked above is very important for Diagnosis,prognosis and selection of a right Homeopathic constitutional remedy best suited to your case.

3.Homeopathic Treatment approach is to restore original state of Health by considering totality of symptom and by removing all signs and symptoms with the help of best suited Consititiutianl medicine and hence here you will not find any specific medicnes for stomach pain.However medicines such as Nux vom,Mag phos,colocynth,Lycopodium etc have special affinity to treat disgestive system problem.

Dr. Ashutosh Novice Answered on 01/01/2017 10:50 PM
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Various causes for abdominal pain include, but are not limetedto, indigestion after eating, gall stones and gall bladder inflammation, pregnancy, gas, gastritis, gastroesophagal refex disease,pancreatitis.

The aim of homeopathy is not only to treat lower abdomen pain but to addressnits underlying cause and inividual susceptability.

Pulsatilla-Abdomen pain which is caused after taking rich food, pastry.

Natrum carb - Abdomen pain which relieved by eating.

Dr. SRINIVAASA Novice Answered on 14/02/2017 5:47 AM
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