Suffering from bleeding piles for 3 years now accompanied by pain/cramps in legs ( particularly in the night). Have to go 2 to 3 times for nature call. A lot of empty winds, after pressing legs lot of empty winds to pass out from the mouth. 

Tries a lot of homeopathic medicine hammemalis, nux vomica and presently taking blumea odorota Q and millifolium 1 M as per directions from a friend who is a homeopathic doctor, still not cleared of the illness. Many a time bleeding stops for 7 days after changing or using new medicine but the problem resurfaces again after 7 days. 

Please advise if I can get homeopathic medicine to get relief from the entire problem.

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Mr Aziz your case of piles needs more information if you tell us about the following detail it Wil help us select the right medicine for you

1 is there pain during passing stools and if yes wat kind of sensation do you feel

2 is pain during passing of stools or after it wid burning of rectal area after stools 

4 what is the nature of stools

5 do you have regular bowel movements

6 is the bleeding wid stools or after stools

8 is there itching sensation in the anal region

9 do you observe your symptoms with the non veg or rice food 

There are many things in the case to ask sir

If you give us the proper history about your symptoms definately will be able to guide you for the correct remedy and you wil get complete relief

Dr. Kausar Novice Answered on 24/08/2017 1:57 AM
8 year's Exp |  Specialized in Medicine |  CONSULT NOW

 Dear Mr,Aziz 

one consultation is required to get entire details about ou and understand our problem properly , there are several antiheamorhagic remedies in homeopath but fo choozing right one physical consultaion is required ,,

though u can try phosphorus 200- 2 dose with water ..along with specific remedy sugested by your homeopath friend ,, 

wish you all the best ,

Dr. Drmanan Novice Answered on 25/08/2017 4:20 PM
7 year's Exp |  Specialized in Medicine |  CONSULT NOW
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