My friends are suffering from Retina Pigmentosa (retina degeneration). They are taking Syphilinum 200 and Lycopodium 200 but no sign of improvement can be seen.  Is there a treatment for this in homeopathy?

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Retina Pigmentosa is a genetic disorder & there are different forms of it - means loss of vision is localised to the central or peripheral area & at which age it was started. If the retinal cells are completely destroyed, chance of recovery becomes miserable. It is very important to know all the details bcoz Homoeopathy is based upon the Individualisation. There are few very good medicines in Homoeopathy for this condition. It will be better if you meet the Homoeopathic Physician face to face, so that doctor can understand your case completely and go further with the treatment.

Dr. Priyanka Novice Answered on 03/03/2016 12:57 AM
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Retina pigmentosa is a group of diorders that affect the retina's ability to respond light and slow loss of vision. Starts with decreases  night vision, and loss of peripheral vision. Eventually, blindness results. use BELLODONA for your problem.If possible conult HOMOEOPATHIC DOCTOR NEAR BY YOU.

Dr. SRINIVAASA Novice Answered on 01/07/2016 6:13 AM
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IT IS A DEGENRATION OF RETINAL CELLS LIKE ROD AND CONE AND THEN DAMAGING THE RETINA. 1st nightblindness develops then periphery vision damages that is side vision then gradually complete blind ness occur. The homoeopathic treatment depends up on constitution. Under espert physician you have to use NAPHTALINE 3X, MAG.PHOS 3X. SYPHILLINUM also useful constitutionally.

Dr. SRINIVAASA Novice Answered on 07/07/2016 11:46 PM
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Retina Pigmentosa its a serious degenerative trouble as the retinal cells like nerve cells,have no power of regeneration. Once they are destroyed by the process of disease.The chances of complete recovery become bleak once they are completely destroyed.At the most the progress of the disease can be checked up to some extent by starting treatment at early stage.The treatment is entirely constitutional and use of naphthalene,mag phos,syphillinum,lycopodium are effective in it should be taken under MDZ guidance panel of expert senior drs

Dr. Sonali Novice Answered on 01/09/2016 6:56 AM
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