My mother in law is a 59 year old female, for the last 3 years she has been having a different sensation in both the legs below knees. She describes the sensation as a hollowness or lightness of both legs. Typically, it happens during the night. She is able to sleep during the day sometimes, also there is little or no discomfort during the day. The only thing that seems to relieve this symptom is tying a cloth tightly around each leg or putting pressure with both hands. This is something that keeps her awake for hours on end. Do let me know what can be done in such cases. Many thanks.

Shivali Novice Asked on 14/04/2018 9:34 PM
1 Answer
  • Ur mother needs medical attention immediately. Consult physician homoeopathic or alopathic online or offline. She needs some test to diagnose the disease. It is may be due to osteoarthritis, Uric acid, gout etc.
  • Some physical examination also needed like check bp,pulse,examination of both knee etc
  • Blood test are needed like-complete BloodCount,uric acid,sugar fasting and pp,RA factor.X ray of both knee also needed.
  • After proper diagnosis we can give her proper advice and management both dietary and exercises.
  • Give her-1)P.Ivy-200 - 2drops thrice a day for  3 days.2)Mag phos 200x-4 tab thrice daily for 2 weeks.
  • Homoeopathy has a very wonderful results in such cases.
  • U must consult homoeopathic doctor online or offline.
Dr. Abhisek Novice Answered on 03/05/2018 12:49 PM
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