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Yes,continue with best homeopathy Dr's treatmnet

Dr. Sonali Novice Answered on 03/03/2016 7:31 AM
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Dear Sister, Homoeopathic Medicines can help to cure your Thyroid Dorders. no need to take any life long medications like thyroxine and thyronorm. Followup with regular check up and 4 months homoepathic treatment. Do one FNAC with doctor's advice if it is neccesory 

Dr. Jafer Novice Answered on 20/03/2016 12:50 AM
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Calcarea carb,sepia,lycopodium,graphites,nux comics,thyroidinum will help to cure reamaing symptoms of hashimoto thyroiditis that is hypothyroidism in which t3,t4,tsh,thyroxine hormone level falls due to in activeness of thyroid gland in general and deficient production of thyroxine hormones leading fatigue,malaise,weight gain inspire of little food intakes..its autoimmune disease in which antibodies are produced by immune system against its own tissues which attack thyroid gland.severe iodine deficiency may be the cause too.it develops slowly,gradually over long period in body.person. may feel dry skin,hairloss,intolerance of cold,constipation,depression,disturbed menses,irritability,decreased libido.Its endocrine disease will surely helped by homeopathy with no life long treatment..how much is your weight now? Yes MdZ treatment will keep thyroid hormone levels normal and gland functioning actively to allay remaining associated symptoms 

Dr. Sonali Novice Answered on 16/09/2016 12:41 AM
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