I have been suffering from Chronic Sinusitis. My symptoms are blocked nostrils and recurrent cold. 

As suggested by a professional homeopath I used to take Kali Bich 200 twice a week for a month, followed by Kali Bich 1M twice a week for four months. Some improvement was there but it was not completely cured. 
So now, the doctor suggested taking Ammonium Carb 200 and Kali Iod 200 each twice a week. But when I take Kali Iod 200 I am getting violent cough. I feel like it could be the aggregation. 

Please let me know whether coughing is due to aggregation of Kali Iod or not. 

Thanks in advance.

Ramesh Novice Asked on 12/09/2017 5:10 PM
2 Answers

For your CHRONIC sinusitis, first use PULSATILLA 200 once in three days for three doses. After that use SILICIA 200 THREE DOSES.

Dr. SRINIVAASA Novice Answered on 12/09/2017 7:19 PM
32 year's Exp |  Specialized in Materia Medica |  CONSULT NOW

Thank you, Dr. Srinivaasa for advice

Ramesh Novice Answered on 14/09/2017 2:45 PM
No Worries!!

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