• Hairloss due to excessive masturbation and stomach problems..
Dipak Novice Asked on 17/10/2018 8:49 AM
2 Answers

Hello Dipak,

Hairloss could be due to many reasons not necessarily due to excessive masturbation or stomach problems,according to me all 3 are different complaints and need  to be treated,so give a proper case for proper treatment

Dr. Fatema Novice Answered on 19/10/2018 11:03 AM
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Hair loss there is lots of reasons for that, Due to stomach, the problem is the main and major cause for hair loss. Due to stomach problems, indigestion will happen due to indignation nutrition problems comes, after that hair fall starts, because of the less nutrition makes hair follicles weak and hair fall easily after hair wash, comb. 

 So if stomach problems get cure first after that hair fall easily stop. 

Dr. Khan Novice Answered on 08/11/2018 8:03 PM
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