I m suffering from hairfall 1st.after few days again i m suffering from dandruff. Lot of shampooes i have used no result on my hair. should i start any treatment or i should try some ayurvedic shappoes more.

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Hairfall,dandruff both are interrelated. Dandruff causes hairfall and then it dont let hair to grow again.

Some many othr causes are also there to fall hair.

Mainly nutritional causes are main like less protein intake.Protein are the building block of every body tissue. Hair are also made from protein.To grow hair u mist take protein in diet properly.Maximum of our population lag in protein intake daily.It also causes haor fall and premature graying and ripening of hair.

U must follow these medicine-

1.Staph-200-4 doses- one dose taken every morning for 4 days.

2.Scalptone tab-4 tab twice daily for 1 month

3.Anti dandruff shampoo - any homoeopathic company(shwabe/fourrts/bjain etc)-thrice a week

3.Hair conditioner(bjain/bakson)-after shampoo

4.Protein powder-(fourrts)-10gms daily

4.Hair grow gel-apply before sleep at night on scalp.


Dr. Abhisek Novice Answered on 03/05/2018 1:06 PM
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