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Yes it can help.

Homoeopathic surgery - it is that form of treatment where the surgical cases can be ward off (prevented), managed completely or helped in the pre-operative & post-operative stages with Homoeopathic medicines. Once it is established that surgery is medically necessary, Homoeopathic medicines can help in reducing any complications that may arise & can help in the process of healing and recovery.

Dr. Priyanka Novice Answered on 29/02/2016 11:51 PM
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Homoeopathy is highly logical, scientific and safe, extremely effective mode of treatment. it offers long lasting to permanent cure, treating the diseases from its roots cause for most of the ailments.

Role  of surgery comes in to play when the physiological changes cannot be braught back to normal position by medication. when the parts become irreparable, or has to be replaced or removed.

Homoeopathy is equally effective in some of the surgrical cases like abscess, boils, cystic overgrowth,ganglion, lipomas, corn etc and in many types of fractures as a adjuvant therapy. As mentioned by Dr. Priyanka many of the surgrical cases can be managed pre-oprative and post-operative homoeopathically. Homoeopathic medicine if given pre-operative and post operative helps in reducing pain and prevents any kind of further complications. 

Homoeopathic medicine like symphytum, calc phos, ledum pal, bellis per, etc are very helpful in controlling the pain of fractured bones, helps in rapid recovery and healing process and prevents nonunion or malunion of fractured bone if correctly prescribed.

Medicines like staphysagria, callendulla helps in healing process, controls the operative pain. Homoeopathic medicines like aconite,arnica, coffea, pulsatilla, gelsemium can help in reducing the fear and anxiety prior to the surgery, if given pre-operatively.

If there is chance of excessive bleeding during surgery medicine like Arnica montana can be thoght of. To control postoperative bleeding medicine like china, secale cor, ipecac helps in controlling bleeding.

To prevent the scars after surgery medicine like silica, thiosinaminum helps if given in lower potency.

In cases of thooth extraction and dental surgery medicines like callendulla, staphysagria helps.

In gynacecological cases if the labour pain is delayed, caullophyllum, cimicifuga, arnica,pulsatilla, mag phos, sepia etcs can be thought.

Dr. Shilpa
Novice Answered on 05/03/2016 1:26 AM
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Yes.homeopathy can reduce complications of surgery or avoid surgery where safer measures of homeopathy can be effectively used,by healing and avoiding recurrence with changing underlying pathological processes that created without any suppression of new surgical disease.These medicines are applicable both prior after surgery.ferrum phos6-for hemorrhages,gelsemium-anxiety,weakness prior surgery/pregnancy ,aconite6/30 to relieve fear of dyeing in surgery,arnica will reduce surgical shock and minimize bleeding,ruta30 prior knee surgery to heal periosteum injuries,staphysagria,aesculus for piles,belladonna 30 every 6hourly for dilatation and curettage,causticum30 for hysterectomy, bellies per/staphysagria for caeserian section,ignatia30 after miscarriage,bellies per/hammamelis for breast surgery,staphysagria for circumcision,rhus tox for tonsils and appendectomy,lycopodium for gall bladder,ledum for eye surgeries,hypericum for spinal surgeries heals

Dr. Sonali Novice Answered on 16/09/2016 11:33 PM
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