I have what I believe is a Bartholin Gland Abscess - a painful lump right near the vagina opening kind of in the perineum region. I've had this before, but never been treated for it. It's pretty painful, but typically goes away on it's own after a week or so. I've wondered if this is an "abscess" of some sort that is related to Crohn's. Just looking for homeopathy treatment options etc.

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As you know, bartholin duct are the tiny organ  situated under the skin in the vaginal  region ,one on each side of labia. usually you can not feel it. if the duct gets blocked then the condition is know as bartholin duct cyst. most of the time it goes away of its own but if you have pain and infection you need the medicinal aid.

homoeopathy helps wonderfully in such conditions. let the homoeopath know your symptoms properly and get rid of your trouble.

Dr. Rupal Novice Answered on 24/08/2016 9:52 PM
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Bartholin gland abscess is the inflammation of the bartholin gland which is a small opening situated near vagina. They provide lubrication to the vaginal membranes. Bacterias that gain entry in to it cause pain swelling and infection.

It usually causes a lump to form under the skin on one side of vagina. It usually causes pain during the activities like walking standing or during sexual intercourse, sitting down. All those activities which causes pressure on the bartholin duct will lead to its symptoms. Most of the time fever accompany the symptoms and the area bcums red, swollen and feels hot to touch.

Most commonly bacterias like E.coli, STD, chalmadiya, gonorrohoes cause such kind of infection. To rule out the exact cause STD shuld be tested, along with physical examination. 

In early stages it can be treated by using some home remedies like,. Going for sitz bath daily for 10-15 mins 2-3 times a day. In this the patient has to sit in a comfortably hot water mixed with dettol or any other antiseptic lotion for 10-15 mins. It reduces the inflammation and helps in clearing out the abscess if it is small.

Using the mixture of castor oil or tree tea as local ointment also help to certain extent  and promotes drainage.

Application of castor oil and tree tea with the help of gauze and adding a hot compress on the top of gauze helps most of the time. Surgerical drainage is most common mode of treatment followed these days by modern school of medicine, but there are many Homoeopathic medicine available to these abscess drained naturally without going for any kind of surgery.

Most commonly used homoeopathic medicine fr drainage of an abscess are anthracinum, belladonna, Silicea, Hepar sulph, apis, arsenic, Mercedes Sol, calc sulph, etc. Before Stating any homoeopathic medicine consult your doctor .

Dr. Shilpa
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The answer to your query is:

1. so. I've wondered if this is an "abscess" of some sort that is related to Crohn's. 

Crohn;s disease is a chronic inflammatory disease of the intestine with most common symptoms such as abdominal pain,cramping and diarrhoea.In about 20 to 30 % of people crohn disease may also manifest itself as disease of joints,eyes and skin (including vaginal and vulval skin in women also) and can manifest as batholian gland abcess,fistula of vagina,uterus and ovaries,gentital ulcers,menstrual irregularties and perianal ulcers.Gyanacological symptoms of crohn;s disaese is often assosiated with vaaginal child birth delivery with episiotomy procedure (in your case you had not specifiied any of these symptomms and situations hence please specify if any).

2.ust looking for homeopathy treatment options etc.

Homoeopathic medicines are surely  helpfull in this condition remedies such as silicea,Hepar sulph, are execellent in draining the pus from the abcess and it will also cure the tendency of recurrence of abcess formation again and again by treating the root cause.

Dr. Ashutosh Novice Answered on 02/09/2016 10:53 AM
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Hepar sulph,Lachesis,merc Sol,nitriac acid,sepia,silica,thuja,tarentula ,belladonna,sulphur will cure it.Bartholin cyst is formed when bartholin gland is blocked causing a fluid filled cyst to develop.Its not an infection but can be grown to bartholin abscess by STD,syphilkis or other bacterial infections with inflammations.Physical blockage(mucus) to bartholin ducts(tubes which lead from the glands to the vulva.If infection sets in,it leads to abscess.it is painful,makes walking difficulties if becomes severe in size as in abscess.cysts,abscess are not life threatening.its common in unpregnant women aged 20-30years or privigravidas who being pregnant few times.it can grow from pea sized to egg size..start treatment soon under Mdz 

Dr. Sonali Novice Answered on 16/09/2016 12:27 AM
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