Our current healthcare system is more than $100Bn industry. With the help of science and technology, the way doctors practice has drastically changed. Now we have better medicines, better technology, and more powerful diagnostic tools which help doctors to make a right decision. In so many years several epidemics have been rooted out and overall we have decreased mortality rate and have made healthier human beings. Despite all this growth, there are several flaws in a current medical system. The whole focus of the industry is on profits and disease rather than people and wellness. The current medical system doesn’t have anything to offer to several chronic illnesses and is fooling people by giving medicines which suppress the disease and not cures. These medicines have several side effects and illness relapse after some time. For the diseases which they can cure efficiently, the question is around the price which we are paying for the cure. Is there a rational justice behind the money we are charged? Is it affordable for everyone?


Homeopathy may be an answer to questions raised above. It is an effective and affordable form of the healthcare system which holistically treats a human body. It has the potential to cure almost everything from Cancer to AIDS. In the last decade, several scientific pieces of evidence are produced to support homeopathy but this evidence is concealed and falsely ridiculed by a system which is afraid of alternative medicines.


Homeopathy is more than 200 years old science. It is the most controversial form of the healthcare sector. Globally, there are around 600 million users of Homeopathy treatment, out of which one-sixth lies in India. Approximately 25% of doctors in India are Homeopaths and 20k new homeopaths are added each year to the pool. Despite these statistics, homeopathy is just a $6 bn industry in India. There are two main reasons behind the slow growth, Firstly – Homeopaths are still practicing in a traditional and inefficient way and, Secondly – there are a lot of skeptics of homeopathy who are defaming homeopathy without understanding the underlying philosophy.


There is a strong need to innovate the way homeopaths practice. Homeopathy is complex in nature when compared to conventional healthcare systems. It involves understanding a patient’s physiology, pathology, psychology and complete medical history, this process is called case taking and it consumes an average of 1 hour of doctors’ time per patient. Once the patient’s case taking is completed, a homeopath doctor analyses all the symptoms and decides a right combination of medicines to be prescribed, this process is called repolarization which is again a time-consuming process. For several chronic cases, the treatment continues for several months and in some cases more than a year. During the treatment process, most of the doctors keep tracking the symptom changes a patient undergoes on physical files which becomes a tedious and time-consuming process in a long run. These are just a few of the operational and process issues where a homeopath doctor spends a considerable amount of his time which ideally he should not spend. With the help of technology, the whole treatment process can be simplified and made more efficient which will give more time for homeopath doctors to focus on their practice.


Majority of homeopath doctors still practice in a traditional way and have not adapted to modern age technology. There is a vast scope for technology to enter into homeopathy sector and streamline all the processes. Currently, all the processes involved are slow, isolated and very manual in nature, an IT platform can integrate all the processes i.e case taking, repolarization, follow-ups, medicine etc into one package and make the whole process easy and efficient.


There is a strong notion among a certain set of people that homeopathy doesn’t work and is nothing more than a placebo effect. They claim that homeopathy medicines are just water drops and don’t have any medicinal properties but homeopaths have an answer to all these questions in the form cases they have solved.


These skeptics are large in number, they are powerful, they are rich but they are afraid of homeopathy. They are aware that if homeopathy becomes popular people will stop following conventional medicines and this $100Bn industry will eventually collapse. The most beautiful part of homeopathy is its community, i.e Doctors, and Patients who believe in homeopathy. Currently, it is relatively a smaller community but it is a very strong community, a patient who has got cured by homeopathy is highly unlikely will be going for conventional medicine in the future. With the help of technology and social networking platforms, we have to make this community even more strong. This community should act as a central repository for all the types of cases each homeopath doctor has solved. It should have a platform for doctors to interact with each other, discuss cases, share their knowledge and solving cases, patients can connect with doctors for their health queries and many more features. In a long run, this community with centralized repository and networking platform is going to be the core strength for homeopathy sector.

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