A 44 years old male patient came with the case of Chronic Arthritis With Insomnia and Depression.


Suffering from the disease since last 20 years and had been severely feeling the pain like hell in knee joints radiating through the complete leg, due to which he used to take steroids to get relieved of the pain and he was on anti-depressants and sleeping pills.
He was a person with strong robust personality, tall and wheatish complexion. He is a divorcee, regular smoker, having lots of ego clashes going on in his day to day life with the society he once used to live with the cheerful smile always.
He came complaining about severe joint pains especially both knees radiating towards legs not able to move also can't tolerate a slight cold air also with insomnia and depression
After such a longing and being ill-treated allopathy treatment, he finally came and started with homeopathic medicine. It was quite a difficult process to make him believe in homeopathy and its treatment procedure with long duration but 100% effective and guaranteed results.
His initial medication started with Sulphur 1m Stat followed by SL and some symptomatic RX and the dose was repeated 2 times. 
As per my knowledge, I came to conclusions that this patient is of animal kingdom or mineral group but he doesn't harm others but full of egoistic character and he was having all I factor in him and plus the severity of arthritis pain insomnia and the depression.
Past 7 months, he was under my supervision coming twice in a month, the same treatment was continued with regular checkups and proper consultations with his increasing belief on Homeopathy. And the complaint started decreasing day by day.
After 6 months of treatment, he stopped taking steroids, sleeping pills and had even stopped Anti-Depressants. Initially, he couldn't go out in the cold air too, now he enjoys by sleeping in A.C. room at 18 temps with every day, enjoying his life to the fullest and feeling happy and energetic.
His ego is little down now, had started talking to his ex-wife, had started thinking of his life ahead, feeling more positive.  
He has now improved to 60-70 percent, still, want to make his life med. free and pain free with no on and off sleeping pills
I Strongly believe that solving this case it took me 2 consultations to take his case taking but it was worth, really worth.

Homeopathy is the Future.

Still Proper Exercise can keep you away from any doctor...


2 year(s) of experience
Specialized in Medicine
Lives in Mumbai
Can communicate in Hindi, English, Kannada
Consultation Fee 500
Follow Up Fee 300
Follow Up Fee Valid For 15 days
Most cases solved Asthama, Dysmenorrhoea, Skin Allergies, Respiratory Allergies, Acne, Frozen Shoulder, Leucoderma, Menstrual Irregularities, Psoriasis, Warts, Fungal Infections Of Skin, Allergic Bronchitis, Urticaria
Also Practises At

Dr. Mary Melkar's Clinic
Axis hospital 2nd floor,
Sai dwar, vastu lane,
opp indigo delicatessen,
oberoi raviraj complex,
Andheri West, Mumbai - 400053

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