Dr. Kanika Sabharwal presents a case of one of her patients who was cured with the help of her treatment. The following case is being presented with patient's permission. Mrs. TRS was married and suffering from infertility due to blocked fallopian tubes which was subsequently cured & patient conceived. The case was on for about 5 months with total of 6 visits from the patient. The patient details are as follows: Mrs. TRS was 31yrs with a well built body and was tall. She was suffering from Secondary Infertility. She had a child from her first marriage but was unable to conceive 2 years into her second marriage despite not using any contraception. She also complained of headache that was associated with giddiness and fainting episodes. She was then questioned about her medical history and treatments if she may have gone through. On interviewing her, it was found out that Mrs. TRS diagnostic workup included a HSG which reported no visualisation of fallopian tubes and no spillage of dye which is suggestive of  cornual block. Subsequently a cannulation was done which also reported no spillage of dye indicating some block or adhesions still persisted.


When her family’s medical history was discussed it was found that only her father had tonsils. Then she was asked to describe her lifestyle and preferences when it comes to food. Following things were noted that she has cravings for spicy food, patient lives with her husband and daughter. She says she feels guilty because her husband has always sacrificed a lot for her. She wants to have a child with him for him, to set things right. Adding that her childhood was not a childhood as she became independent and started working from a very early age. She enjoyed her work; it was a stress reliever for her and wants to get back to it. She began working to take up the responsibility of home. According to her husband, she’s calm and a simple person, work is her passion.


As per Dr. Kanika’s observation, the remedy and potency was selected, she said, “Considering the patient’s basic traits of being ambitious, having a strong sense of responsibility, an element of guilt and the syphilitic miasm (tubal block & F/H of cancer) the remedy Aurum Metallicum was selected for her. Considering the remedy was prescribed on mental characteristics but due to the presence of a structural pathology 200 potency was selected. 3 doses were given.”


In the words of Dr.Kanika - From the first follow up itself, Mrs.TRS’s headaches were much better in terms of both frequency and intensity with no episodes of fainting.

We had given her a time frame of 3-6 months for her chief complaint but had assured her that her headaches would decrease immediately. As she was improving significantly her anxiety related to conception was also less. She was more hopeful that the treatment was helping her. Her headaches improved significantly and within 3 months she conceived too. Neither the remedy nor patency was changed. The patient responded very well to infrequent doses of 200 potency and within 3 months was pregnant.

She concludes stating that the fallopian tube blockage may be due to a variety of causes , most commonly adhesions post infection. The prognosis varies in each case and not all may be curable. Attached below are the various reports which show Mrs.TRS’s progress.


Infertility Case before treatment        Infertility Case after treatment

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